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Viktor Sivets: This year realization of a New Year's pine and a fur-tree will occur to use of the electronic account of wood


ЧипHenceforth New Year trees and pines will be equipped by chips. It at a briefing was declared today by the Head of the State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine Viktor Sivets.

The electronic chip will be attached to a tree so what to remove it without damage it was impossible. In this label all information on an origin of coniferous planting will contain. These are data, from which timber enterprise and a forest area have released a tree, its grade and quality.

Thanks to it, it is possible to define conformity of the goods to accompanying documents, therefore it will be easy to any police officer or other law enforcement bodies to check up legality of acquisition of coniferous beauties from wood plantations and to find out or there has not arrived this fur-tree from an environmentally dangerous zone of Chernobyl. According to Head of the State Forest Resources Agency introduction of the electronic account of wood at realization of New Year trees won't affect cost of the tree. After all, one such electronic chip costs only 1,34 UAH.

«This year wood beauties on the average to cost 50-52 UAH. Jurisdictional enterprises State Forest Resources Agency can put in December, 2011 for realization about 6 million piece of New Year trees, including 5 million pieces which have been Grown up on special plantations and 1 million of piece chosen during cabins of care by wood. Besides, there is a possibility in enough to provide requirements for branches of coniferous breeds for creation of New Year's compositions» - Head of the State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine Viktor Sivets said .

For protection of wood beauties from illegal cabins State Forest Resources Agency together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs the order «About interaction of law-enforcement bodies and forestry state structures on maintenance of protection of coniferous plantings during the New Year period of 2012 year» is issued and directed all territorial bodies State Forest Resources Agency and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This order obliges heads of state structures of a forestry and Central administrative board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Autonomous republic Crimea, Kiev, Sevastopol and in areas to provide creation at the silvicultural enterprises of brigades from workers of the state wood protection and representatives of bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with participation of nature protection bodies. Also, round-the-clock spot-checks in coniferous large forests will be carried out and patrols of workers of the state wood protection and militia bodies, time posts on roads, suburban railway stations, in settlements for check of documents on the right of transportation and sale of fur-trees will be created.

Concerning penal sanctions Head of the State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine Viktor Sivets has informed that the Decision of the Cabinet of Ukraine from July, 23rd for № 665. rates for calculation of the size of the harm caused to wood, with carrying out of annual indexation are confirmed. According to this decision for one coniferous tree illegally cut down in wood in diameter of a stump:

До 10 cm.             189 UAH.

10,1-14 cm.          333 UAH.

14,1-18 cm.          854 UAH.

18,1-22 cm.          1753 UAH.

«Besides, according to item 65 of the Code of Ukraine about administrative offenses violators of forest pay the penalty at the rate from 5 to 10 free minima of incomes of citizens (85-170 UAH), and officials from seven to twelve free minima (119-204 UAH). So, for illegally cut down fur-tree violators of forest should compensate not less than 274 UAH.» - Victor Sivets has summed up.

Press-service of the State Forest Resources Agency