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Public relations


The State Committee of Forestry has a close cooperation with a number of public organizations such as:

Public Collegium under the Head of the State Committee of Forestry

Association of Ukrainian Foresters

National Ukrainian Association for Protection and Regeneration of Animals

Ukrainian Federation for Hunting-dog Breeding

National Organization for Nature Protection  

Ukrainian Association for Bird Protection  

Sports Association Коlоs

Ukrainian Hunters and Fishers Association

Association of Military Hunters and Fishers


The Association of Ukrainian Foresters gives the special attention to forest problems. This national public organization was founded in 1990. A Ukrainian citizen over 18, who is concerned about condition of forests, can be admitted to the membership. Today the Association of Ukrainian Foresters has over 24,000 members. 

To inform the local population of activities in the forest sector and to spread forestry knowledge, the State Committee of Forestry organized a division responsible for Public Relations, cooperation with Verkhovna Rada and international cooperation (tel. (044) 235-67-48, fax (044) 234-26-35, e-mail: that coordinated the collaboration of all SCF departments with Mass Media.  

Every regional administration in forest management has PR sectors or divisions, which establish cooperation with Mass Media, public organizations and community. More and more forestry enterprises strive to issue their chronicles.

With the assistance of the State Committee of Forestry, since 1995 there have been published a forest research journal “Forest and Hunting Magazine”.

Since 2003 the first channel in the National Radio has a radio programme “Forest paths” based on materials of the State Committee of Forestry.