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Today, on March 14, the second training workshop on issues of public and mass media relations, organized specially for forest management enterprises and nature protected administrations of Zakarpattya region took place.



The workshop was organized in frame of Lviv Forum “Forests in Green Economy” with the financial support of Swiss Confederation.

The workshop started with presentation of the survey results on public awareness on issues of close to nature silviculture and multifunctional forest management in Zakarpattya region. This survey was held in framework of the project “Foresters towards Life long learning”, implemented by NGO FORZA, co-financed by European Union. The survey showed that population of the region is not well aware about news and developments in forest management, once more supporting the need and relevance of public relations from the side of forest managers.

In addition to the theoretical information, provided during first training workshop, today’s one was held mainly in practical field: participants were preparing press-conference, starting with identification of the topic and actual participation as speakers, moderator and journalists, and also were learning how to make TV interviews. Press-conference topic, selected by participants, was preparation to the planting of forest and “Future of the Forests in Your Hands” annual national campaign. Speakers at the simulated press-conference, and those were Nataliya Morhunova from Brustury forest management enterprise (FME), Ivan Broda from Khust FME and Hryhoriy Bernar from Velykyi Bychkiv FME, explained on the forest planting plans, technological procedures, seedlings and involvement of school foriestries children to this work. The rest of participants were very active in a role of journalists, asking very good professional questions, not forgetting about provocative ones.

 Practical exercises were video recorded, later on providing opportunity to analyze and discuss the results of the practical work. Besides this, during the training participants have developed short-term media-plans – very simple, but effective tool for proper work on informing public.

At the end, all participants of the training workshop received not only knowledge and practical experience, but also certificate, and trainers of the workshops Iryna Breza and Hannusya Tarkaniy have got an appreciation certificate from participants and organizers.